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Hi Girlfriend, 

I am Kimberly Charday and I am truly elated to share a space this sacred to me with you. I have never been the most open, always very selective with whom I allow to have access to me. I am a lover of genuine pursuits, whether it be people or experiences. 

I am a native of New Orleans, LA, with some GA roots, being that I was raised right outside of Atlanta. I am an Alumna of Thee Great Bethune Cookman University, currently pursuing a career as a Critical Care Travel Nurse with future plans to transition into anesthesia.

This Blog was created in my own efforts to not only unpack and dismantle my own insecurities and struggles as a woman of color, but to also create a platform to empower all women through Lifestyle + Melanin.

I intend to share the good, bad, ugly, and so much more. Self love is a choice and I have decided to choose me. Sometimes we lose sight of who we are, our purpose, and what God has willed for our life. This is my way of surrendering and allowing my steps to be ordained and well thought out. No longer doing things how I see fit but the way Jesus intended it.

PS: Just to leave you with a little more about me; I am a lover of all things girly. I am obsessed with chic and classic everything (polaroids, record players, high fashion pieces and so much more). I absolutely love quality time, making memories, laughing until my stomach hurts, and experiences. Two silly things I love are socks, and cotton candy. It's always the little things for me.


I can't wait to get to know all of you.

Love Always, KC xoxo

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