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A New Era...

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The antidote to fear is the presence of God. -Unknown

After two long years of trying to satisfy my need to be perfect, fear of failing, and continuous cycle of self inflicted criticism, babyy I am finally showing up for me and it feels damn good. Noble Melanin has officially launched and it is a New Era. I have lived underneath my accomplishments for so long that I never dealt with the true feelings of inadequacy hidden beneath the surface. It's funny how life will expose so much of who you are and what you need to work on through relationships. 2022 I committed to letting go of who I was, had to depart and grieve friendships, and also learn to choose me after walking away from who I thought was my person. Stripped of everything familiar and forced to start from scratch I felt the need to be still and surrender to God.

I have been so reluctant to release Noble Melanin because I felt as if it was symbolic of me putting myself on display for the world and I just was not ready to be that vulnerable or in other words ready to spill my own tea (or experiences). My struggles and insecurities were so loud I couldn't see the value in anything I was creating nor completely in myself. I say all that to say, this time I am doing it afraid, doing it without everything being perfect, and for sure doing it regardless of what anyone else may think. I've learned that we live on the level of our belief; & They say if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough, well if that's the case I am shook. (lol)

A New Era symbolizes the birth of something and essentially that's how I feel. I am navigating the unknown, I feel that tightness in my chest, and through it all I still have peace. My desire to show up as me, nothing more, and nothing less is the driving force behind this launch. I truly hope all that's in store will be impactful leaving everlasting imprints on your heart, and hopes of helping you on your own journey to fulfill your purpose. So here's to creating a space you can simply just be, feel loved, seen, and ultimately able to grow. I am fully submitted to what God is doing through his vision and can't wait to see the growth in all of us.

P.S. The time is now! Start with what you have, and rest assured that any need that arises will be provided by God. I am thankful for your support and hope you come and stay a while.

signed, a chocolate girl


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