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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Expresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Let's talk SKIN.

" I want you to know, that before anyone spelled it out for you, you were WORTHY. " -P. Lewis

Growing up I never had a complex or looked at myself as inferior because of the color of my skin. I felt and embodied beauty in every way. As I grew up that view of myself was tainted because of what stuck to my subconscious mind. I didn't realize how great of impact the things you consumed inadvertently could do so much damage. I grew up in a family composed of every shade there is and never felt less than. Somewhere between middle and high school I became a lot more conscious of skin color. Media made it that much more noticeable that lighter was conceived to be better, guys in school chose lighter first, and it often times left you to question your whole existence in a non literal sense. Fast forward years later and I completely started to dislike me despite what I showed outwardly. Fast forward a little more, and I am now creating a platform for this very thing, Colorism.

Noble Melanin is more than just a blog or brand, it is a staple for women everywhere. No matter the shade, no matter the culture, no matter the root, you are beautiful in every way. Within the logo every color is represented to promote inclusivity. It seems to me that as time goes on so many people have the notion to be everything except who they truly are. As women I think it is so important to uplift, encourage, and empower one another. We posses all power in how we treat our counterparts, as well as how we allow others to reciprocate that energy. SKIN is the message behind Noble Melanin that will be the start of dismantling something that has stuck with women for generations, colorism. Colorism happens in so many different forms, and it is up to us to be the force of change amongst ourselves.

"Know who you are, so no one can tell you any different"

I had to dig deeper within myself to really find what I lost being so consumed in other people's "things". Taking time to find me showed me that I lost so much of me trying to seek and find validation through people and things that could never fill a void for my own self love. Learning to love every bit of who God made me to be has been so liberating. Through every prayer, every tear, every disappointment, every accomplishment, God led me here. I was extremely nervous about being this open, but knowing that all of this is so much bigger than me keeps me going.

I pray that whomever is reading this finds peace in who they are without applause or validation. I pray you can show up for yourself unapologetically in every aspect of your life. May you be closer to wholeness in each step that you take. You are worthy, and always will be. Value the authenticity you possess, after all there is no one in this world who can ever be you,


Get Inspired

If you have ever been affected by colorism in some way, shape, or form share your story in the comments. I would love to chat with you all in find ways to really start changing what so many of us deal with, but never speak on.

Love Kimberly Charday


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So beautifully written! God has a purpose for us and I look forward to see this blog grow!

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Thank you so much. You are appreciated! ❤️

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