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Serving Up A Mental Slay.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are serving up a Mental Slay! In order to Slay mentally we have to prioritize how we show up for ourselves, as mental wellness is the starting point to how our life unfolds. The best way to do that is to create a routine that allows you to pour into yourself on a daily. That could look like Bible study, prayer, journaling, exercise, therapy, or even a new hobby. The recipe Noble Melanin supports is God, Therapy, and the Gym.

Prioritizing God is essentially prioritizing yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Through Bible Study, Devotionals, Meditation, and community with those who are also doing so, creates a true grounding for mental wellness. God is the basis for stability, transformation, and the restoration most of us are seeking. It is so easy to look outside of whom all blessings flow for answers, but in actuality it all starts with him and him alone. Proverbs 23:7 states "For as a man thinketh in his heart; so is he". By conditioning your mind to think what is true, noble, right, and admirable you not only align with Philippians 4:8, it helps you to focus more on The Who (God), to guide you, which brings clarity, peace, and a sound mind.

Therapy has become a common topic and resource in todays world. Whether diagnosed with a mental illness or not, talk therapy is the number one choice for navigating mental health. Therapy can be done in many forms depending upon your needs as an individual, but Talk therapy can help with sorting out day to day life and stressors as they come. It is important to note finding the right therapist for you is significant and it may not always happen on the first try. Your commitment to your health should push you to continue seeking what works for you. Throughout this month we will introduce different forms of therapy and selfceare to promote wellness. Therapy For Black Girls is an amazing resource and aids with finding the right therapist for you in your geographical area. We encourage you to start there on your journey to find someone perfect for you!

Last but not least, The Gym! We are aware everyone doesn't necessarily like the gym, but by becoming active, moving your body, and increasing endorphins improves mental wellness. Finding what you like is imperative to being successful and consistent. Consistency is what generates a well balanced life creating an environment for a healthy mind. Physical wellness is the cherry on top in this trifecta of our recipe. We believe God, Therapy, and the Gym is a one size fits all because of the many variations of therapy and the "gym" to choose from. God is the only constant and will always be at the head of all things.

As we spring into May we hope that you will consider incorporating our Mental Slay Trifecta to transform your life and your mental. Be sure to join our community if you want to be surrounded by women who are also on this same journey.


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