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Welcome To Noble Melanin

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

If you're reading this, you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Welcome to SKIN, a blog created to showcase all things Lifestyle & Melanin.

Hi beautiful, I am Kimberly Charday, the voice behind the diary of a chocolate girl, as well as the curator of this space. In my own efforts to continue finding myself, unpacking my insecurities, and striving to dismantle colorism amongst women, SKIN was created. For most of 2020 like so many others I felt defeated when trying to create. I fell victim to feeling as though I wasn’t doing enough because so many people around me were seemingly finding their spark and I could barely get out of bed other then for work. I started digging deeper and realigning with God and it wasn’t until I was removed from what was becoming so familiar and comfortable to me that my spark was ignited again. I posed this question to myself, what are you without your skin? I started thinking about how just skin alone was one of my biggest insecurities and thought to do a personal brand revolving around that specifically; (of course that would only be the beginning to what God intended for this to become.) I started asking others how they felt about colorism, creating mood boards via Pinterest and finally a blog. I wanted to be truly transparent with where I am in my journey while also allowing others to share their story too.

“See yourself in spaces you never even thought to be available to you. You are deserving, and always worth it; never forget to show up for you" -KC

As I said before this is only the beginning to something I’m so passionate about. I have had words stick to me for years that I started to believe because I never truly loved myself. For those who know me you may be completely shocked to see my confidence and outlook of self is so skewed from what it may have appeared to be; But to you and even those who don’t know me this is what broken looks like. Most times pretty on the outside and completely shattered in the inside. To anyone reading this that finds yourself in this exact place I encourage you to join me in the pursuit to wholeness. You deserve to be the very best version of yourself.

Whether high yellow to the darkest of chocolate you are TF beautiful, no comparison competition needed. We are our own worst enemies and biggest critics, let that stop HERE! For so long I truly disliked myself, I could find so many ways to love everyone else but never me. I’m very imperfect, but always willing. Willing to go harder, fight harder, work harder, to figure it out. It hasn’t always been easy but somehow this feels right. I went into this endeavor for me, but God revealed this isn’t even about me. I’m simply a vessel for so many more. My mentor once told me, “Get in alignment, There are people connected to your purpose who won’t have what they need if you aren’t where you’re suppose to be”. Well here I am, walking in purpose one step at a time.

Prayer Changes

Last but not least in this space we close out in prayer.

I pray against anything binding you from your purpose. Everything you need you abundantly possess within. May you continue to attract love, light, peace, and overflowing blessings. I pray for a purge in your life of things that no longer serve you. I pray for discernment in your steps to bring forth the woman deep within you. Fear and doubt will no longer be a stop sign for you. Believe your best and brightest days are still ahead of you and they will surface. To close, If no one ever told you, you are loved, and so so beautiful.



Everything we posses is deeply within 💙🙌🏾

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We truly are. ❤️

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